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Our Mission

At Helping Hands Chiropractic, our mission is to serve you and your loved ones with excellence. It is our goal that all of our practice members achieve a better quality of life. As a principled chiropractic team we are nervous system specialists. We remove pressure from the nervous system through specific chiropractic adjustments allowing the body to restore mental and physical health. Our family is here to serve your family, from our hearts with our hands.

Our mission at Helping Hands Chiropractic in Newnan

We begin the process by reviewing your medical history and completing a thorough examination. We then customize a health and wellness plan for each individual based on personalized needs and goals. Helping you reach your optimal level of health is our top priority, and we welcome people of all ages in our community to take advantage of our chiropractic services.

We can provide care for you and your entire family to help you become healthier and to help your body can function properly so you reach the maximum level of wellness possible.

Visit Helping Hands Chiropractic today and discover why you should choose us as your Newnan chiropractor.

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Our mission at Helping Hands Chiropractic in Newnan, GA
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